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ASME NQA-1-2004 pdf download

ASME NQA-1-2004 pdf download.Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications.
100 BASIC (a) A documented quality assurance program shall beplanned,implemented,andmaintainedinaccordance with this Part (Part I), or portions thereof. The program shall identify the activities and items to which it applies. The program shall provide control over activities affect- ingqualityto anextent consistentwith theirimportance. The program shall include monitoring activities against acceptance criteria in a manner sufficient to provide assurance that the activities affecting quality are per- formed satisfactorily. The program shall be established at the earliest time consistent with the schedule for accomplishing the activities. The program shall provide for the planning and accomplishment of activities affecting quality under suitably controlled conditions. Controlled conditions include the use of appropriate equipment, suitable envi- ronmentalconditionsforaccomplishingtheactivity,and assurance that prerequisites for the given activity have beensatisfied.Theprogram shallprovideforanyspecial controls, processes, test equipment, tools, and skills to attain the required quality of activities and items and for verification of that quality. The organization shall establish and implement processes to detect and correct quality problems. (b) The program shall provide for indoctrination, training,andqualificationasnecessaryofpersonnelper- forming or managing activities affecting quality to ensure that suitable proficiency is achieved and main- tained. (c) Management shall regularly assess the adequacy and effective implementation of the quality assurance program. 200 INDOCTRINATION AND TRAINING Indoctrination and training shall be commensurate with scope, complexity, importance of the activities, and the education,experience, and proficiency of the person. 201 Indoctrination Personnel performing ormanaging activitiesaffecting quality shall receive indoctrination in their job responsi- bilitiesandauthority;generalcriteria,includingapplica- ble codes and standards, regulatory commitments, company procedures, and quality assurance program requirements. 8 202 Training The need for a formal training program for personnel performingormanagingactivitiesaffectingqualityshall be determined. Training shall be provided, if needed, to achieve initial proficiency, maintain proficiency, and adapt to changes in technology, methods, or job respon- sibilities. 300 QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS The responsible organization shall designate those activities that require qualification of personnel and the minimum requirements for such personnel. The respon- sible organization shall establish written procedures for the qualification of personnel, and for the assurance that only those personnel who meet the requirements are permitted to perform these activities. Specific qualification requirements for personnel per- forming nondestructive examination inspection and teststoverifyqualityandauditingarespecifiedinparas. 301 through 304 of this Requirement. 301 Nondestructive Examination (NDE) This section specifies requirements for the qualifica- tion of personnel who perform radiographic (RT), mag- netic particle (MP), ultrasonic (UT), liquid penetrant (PT), electromagnetic (ET), neutron radiographic (NR), leak testing (LT), acoustic emission (AE), and visual testing (VT) to verify conformance to the specified requirements. The American Society of Nondestructive Testing Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A, December 1988 Edition, and its applicable Supplements shall apply as requirements to NDE. 302 Inspection and Test The initial capabilities of a candidate shall be deter- mined by an evaluation of the candidate’s education, experience, training, and either test results or capability demonstration. The job performance of inspection and test personnel shall be reevaluated at periodic intervals not to exceed 3 years.
303.4 Examination. Prospective Lead Auditors shall pass an examination which shall evaluate comprehen- sion of and ability to apply the body of knowledge identified above. The examination may be oral, written, practical, or any combination thereof. 303.5 Maintenance of Proficiency. Lead Auditors shall maintain their proficiency through one or more of the following: (a) regular and active participation in the audit process (b) review and study of codes, standards, procedures, instructions, and other documents related to quality assurance program and program auditing (c) participation in training program(s) Based on annual assessment, management may extend the qualification, require retraining, or require requalification. 303.6 Requalification. Lead Auditors who fail to maintain their proficiency for a period of 2 years or more shall require requalification. Requalification shall include retraining in accordance with the requirements of para. 303.2 of this Requirement, reexamination in accordance with para. 303.4 of this Requirement, and participationasanAuditorinatleastonenuclearquality assurance audit.

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