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ASME NQA-1-2017 pdf download

ASME NQA-1-2017 pdf download.Quality Assurance Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications.
100 GENERAL Tests required to collect data such as for siting or . design input, to verify oonformance of an item or com- puter program to specified requirements, or to demon- strate satisfactory performance for service shall be planned and executed. Characteristics to be tested and test methods to be employed shall be specified. Test results shall be documented and their conformance with test requirements and acceptance criteria shall be evaluated. 200 TEST REQUIREMENTS (a) Test requirements and acceptance criteria shall be provided or approved by the responsible design organi- zation,Required tests (other than for computer pro- grams) including, as appropriate, prototype qualification tests, production tests, proof tests prior to installation, construction tests, preoperational tests, and operational tests shall be controlled. Computer program tests including, as appropriate, software design verifica- tion, factory acceptance tests, site acceptance tests, and in- use tests shall be controlled. Required tests shall be controled under appropriate environmental conditions using the tools and equipment necessary to conduct the test in a manner to fulfill test requirements and acceptance criteria. The tests performed shall obtain the necessary data with sufficient accuracy for evaluation and acceptance. (b) Test requirements and acceptance criteria shall be based upon spedified requirements contained in applica- ble design documents or other pertinent technical docu- ments that provide approved requirements. (c) If temporary dhanges to the approved configura- tion of a facility are required for testing purposes, approval by the design authority is required prior to performing the test. 300 TEST PROCEDURES (OTHER THAN FOR COMPUTER PROGRAMS) (a) Test procedures shall include or reference the test configuration and test objectives. Test procedures shall also include provisions for assuring that prerequisites and suitable environmental conditions are met, ade quate ins trumentation is available and used, appropriate tes is performed. Prerequisites shall include the following, as applicable: (1) calibrated instrumentation (2) appropriate equipment (3) trained personnel (4) condition of test equipment and the item to be tested (5) suitable environmental conditions (6) provisions for data acquisition (b) As an altemative to (a), appropriate sections of related documents, such as ASTM methods, Supplier manuals, equip ment maintenance instructions, or . approved drawings or travelers with acceptance criteria, may be used. Such documents shall include or be supple mented with appropriate criteria from (a) to assure ade- quate procedures for the test are used. 400 COMPUTER PROGRAM TEST PROCEDURES Requirements for computer program test procedures are defined in Part II, Subpart 2.7, Quality Assurance Requirements for Computer Software for N uclear Facility Applications. 500 TEST RESULTS Test results shall be documented and maintained. Test results shall be evaluated by the responsible authority to ensure that test requirements have been satisfied. 600 TEST RECORDS Test records shall be established and maintained to indicate the ability of the item or computer program to satisfactorily perform its intended function or to meet its documented requ irements. Test records vary depending on the test type, purpose, and application, but shall contain the following information, as a mini- mum, for the specified application identified in paras.601 and 602. 601 Test Records (Q) item tested (b) date of test (c) tester or data recorder (d) type of observation
100 GENERAL Tools, gages, instruments, and other measuring and test equipment used for activities affecting quality shall be controlled, calibrated at specific periods, adjusted, and maintained to required accuracy limits. 200 SELECTION Selection of measuring and test equipment shall be based on the type, range, accuracy, and tolerance needed to acomplish the required measurements for determin- ing conformance to specified requirements. 300 CALIBRATION AND CONTROL 301 Calibration Measuring and test equipment shall be calibrated, at prescribed times or intervals and whenever the accuracy of the measuring and test equipment is suspect. Calibra- tion shall be against and traceable to certified equipment or reference standards hav ing known valid relationships to nationally recognized standards, or to international standards known to be equivalent to and verified against corresponding nationally recognized standards. Where no such standards exist, the basis for alibration shall be defined. 302 Reference Standards Reference standards shall have a minimum accuracy four times greater than that of the measuring and test equipment being calibrated to ensure that the reference standards contribute no more than one-fourth of the allowable calibration tolerance. Where this 4:1 ratio can- not be maintained, the basis for selection of the standard in question shall be technically justified.

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