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ASME OM CODE-2009 pdf download

ASME OM CODE-2009 pdf download.Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants.
CODE REVISIONS AND ADDITIONS Requests for Code revisions or additions shall provide the following: (a) Proposed Revision(s) or Addition(s). For revisions, identify the requirements of the Code that require revision and submit a copy of the appropriate requirements as they appear in the Code marked up with the proposed revision. For additions, provide the recommended wording refer- enced to the existing Code requirements. (b) Statement ofNeed. Provide a brief explanation of the need for the revision(s) or addition(s). (c) Background Information. Provide background information to support the revision(s) or addi- tion(s) including any data or changes in technology that form the basis for the request that will allow the Committee to adequately evaluate the proposed revision(s) or addition(s). Sketches, tables, figures, and graphs should be submitted as appropriate. When applicable, identify any pertinent paragraph in the Code that would be affected by the revision(s) or addition(s) and paragraphs in the Code that reference the paragraphs that are to be revised or added. CODE CASES Requests for Code Cases shall provide a Statement of Need and Background Information similar to that defined in subparas. (b) and (c) of “Code Revisions or Additions” section. The proposed Code Case should identify the Code Section and Division and be written as a Question and Reply in the same format as existing Code Cases. Requests for Code Cases should also indicate the applicable Code edition(s) and addenda to which the proposed Code Case applies. CODE INTERPRETATIONS Requests for Code interpretations shall provide the following: (a) Inquiry. Provide a condensed and precise question, omitting superfluous background infor- mation, and, when possible, composed in such a way that a “yes“ or a “no“ Reply, possibly with brief provisos, is acceptable. The question should be technically and editorially correct.
(d) Each of the inservice test intervals may be extended or decreased by as much as 1 yr. Adjustments shall not cause successive intervals to be altered by more than 1 yr from the original pattern of intervals. (e) In addition to subpara. ISTA-3120(d), for units that are out of service continuously for 6 mo or more, the inservice test interval during which the outage occurred may be extended for a period equivalent to the outage and the original pattern of intervals extended accord- ingly for successive intervals. (f) The inservice test intervals for component replace- ments, additions, and alterations that may be required during the service lifetime ofthe unit shall coincide with the remaining intervals, as determined by the calendar years ofunitservice at the time ofreplacement, addition, or alteration. ISTA-3130 Application of Code Cases (a) Code Cases to be used duringa preservice orinser- vice test or examination shall be identified in the test plan. (b) Code Cases shall be applicable to the edition and addenda specified in the test plan. (c) Code Cases shall be in effect at the time the test plan is filed, except as provided in subpara. ISTA-3130(d). (d) Code Cases issued subsequent to filing the test plan may be proposed for use in amendments to the test plan. ISTA-3140 Application of Revised Code Cases. Superseded Code Cases approved for use in accordance with para. ISTA-3130 may continue to be used. ISTA-3150 Application of Annulled Code Cases. Code Cases approved for use in accordance with para. ISTA-3130 or ISTA-3140 may be used after annulment for the duration of that test plan. ISTA-3160 Test and Examination Procedures. Tests and examinations shall be performed in accordance with written procedures. The procedures shall contain the Owner-specified reference values and acceptance criteria. ISTA-3200 Administrative Requirements (a) ISTPlans shallbefiled withthe regulatoryauthori- ties having jurisdiction at the plant site.

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