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ASME QAI-1-2003 pdf download.Qualifications for Authorized Inspection.
1-0 SCOPE Part 1 is for use with the ASME Code, 1 Section III, Divisions 1, 3, and 5, including applicable Addenda and Code Cases. 1-1 THE AUTHORIZED INSPECTION AGENCY 1-1.1 Qualifications An Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) is an organiza- tionmeetingthe criteriaofthis Standardthatis accredited bytheSocietypursuantto theprovisions setforthinPart4 to provide AIA services within a jurisdiction. 2 Such agen- cies employ Authorized Inspectors and Inspector Supervisors that meet the criteria of the ASME Code Section III, Division 1, 3, or 5 and of the National Board Rules for Commissioned Inspectors. 3 1-1.1.1 ð18Þ An AIA shall be one of the following: (a) a jurisdiction 2 that has adopted and does admin- ister the ASME Code Section III, Division 1, 3, or 5 as a legal requirement and is qualified to be represented on the ASME Code Conference Committee. (b) an insurance company that has been licensed or registered by the appropriate authority of a state of the United States of America, or of a province of Canada, to write boiler and pressure vessel insurance in such state or province. The insurance company shall show its capability to provide boiler and pressure vessel insurance coverage by being actively engaged in writing such insurance in one or more of the states or provinces where so licensed or registered. (c) acompanyinthebusiness ofproviding“thirdparty” inspection services. The company shall have (1) recognition from a government entity 4 to perform inspection and design examinations for pres- sure-retaining and pressure-relieving items 5 performing a safety function 6 and for installation at an operating nuclear facility within its jurisdictional boundaries (-a) The company shall be a registered entity within the same city, state, province, or country as the government entity that is providing the recognition. (-b) The governmententitymayelectto designate another organization to authorize the performance of inspections and design examinations. (2) accreditation or certification under a recognized accreditation or certification scheme thatis found accept- able by ASME (-a) The scope of activity on the certificate shall identify the performance ofinspections and design exam- inations for pressure vessels and/or boilers. (-b) The certificate shall be valid and in good standing. (-c) The company shall have undergone at least one accreditation or certification renewal cycle. (3) appropriate levels offinancial supportorliability insurance 1-1.1.2 The jurisdiction described in 1-1.1.1(a) may designate one or more organizations to act on its behalf to enforce its regulations. The organization shall (a) provide evidence establishing that such delegation of authority is duly authorized by the laws of the jurisdiction (b) describe how the ASME Code is accepted by the jurisdiction (c) describe how the ASME Code is enforced by the organization 1-1.1.3 An AIA shall be accredited by the Society pursuant to the provisions set forth in Part 4. The AIA services provided by their Inspectors and Inspector Supervisors shall also be subject to audit by ASME for compliance with this Standard during shop or site reviews of organizations for which they provide Authorized Nuclear Inspection.
1-1.2.5 ð18Þ Assure proper execution ofresponsibilities. In particular, the Agency shall (a) establish and implement an internal program which shall provide assurance that its employees holding the positions of Supervisor and Authorized Nuclear Inspector perform work in accordance with the requirements of Part 1. This program shall be docu- mented by written policies, procedures, or instructions and shall be carried out throughout the life term of any agreement covering inspections required by the ASME Code, in accordance with the program. The program shall provide for indoctrination and training of personnel performing such activities, as necessary, to ensure that suitable proficiency is achieved and maintained. (b) provide instructions in writing to Authorized Nuclear Inspectors and their Supervisors, specifying their respective duties and responsibilities. (c) provide instructions in writing to Authorized Nuclear Inspectors requiring them to immediately contact their Supervisor whenever the Inspector is unable to readily resolve any question concerning ASME Code compliance, manufacturing procedure, or quality assurance provision or its implementation. Instructions should be included as a reminder to the Authorized Nuclear Inspector that he has the authority and the duty to refuse to sign any Data Reports involving nonconformance with the ASME Code. (d) conduct annual planned audits of activities performed by Authorized Nuclear Inspector Supervisors to verify compliance with the provisions of Part 1 and the ASME Code Section III, Division 1, 3, and/or 5. The audit shall be performed by appropriately trainedpersonnel,inaccordancewithawrittenprocedure or checklist. Audit results shall be documented and reviewed by management. Follow-up action, including reaudit ofdeficient areas, shall be taken where indicated to ensure that necessary corrective action is completed. (e) establish and implement a written policy to ensure levels ofinspection activitycommensurate with the scope of the AIA’s Certificate of Accreditation.

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