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ASME QAI-1-2010 pdf download

ASME QAI-1-2010 pdf download.Qualifications for Authorized Inspection.
2-1.2.4 Assure proper executionofresponsibilities. In particular, the Agency shall (a) establish and implement an internal program which shall provide assurance that those of its employ- ees holding the positions of Supervisor or Nuclear Inservice Inspector perform work in accordance with the requirements of Part 2. This program shall be docu- mented by written policies, procedures, or instructions and shall be carried out throughout the term of any agreement covering inspections required by the ASME Code, in accordance with the program. The program shall provide for indoctrination and training of person- nel performing these activities, as necessary, to ensure that suitable proficiency is achieved and maintained. (b) provide instructions in writing to Authorized Nuclear Inservice Inspectors and their Supervisors, specifying their respective duties and responsibilities. (c) conduct annual planned audits of its activities to verify compliance with the provisions of the ASME Code. The audits shall be performed by appropriately trained personnel in accordance with a written proce- dure or checklist. Audit results shall be documented and reviewed by management. Follow-up action, including reaudit of deficient areas, shall be taken where indicated to ensure that necessary corrective action is completed. (d) Establish and implement a written policy to ensure levels of inspection activity commensurate with the scope of the AIA’s Certificate of Accreditation.
2-1.3 AIA Quality Program 2-1.3.1 A documented Quality Program shall be established, implemented, and maintained by the Authorized InspectionAgency (AIA) in accordance with the requirements of this Standard. The AIA Quality Program shall identify the activities to which it applies and shall provide for the planning, control, and accom- plishment of activities affecting the quality of the Authorized Inspection Agency’s implementation of duties and activities as described in applicable parts of this Standard. 2-1.3.2 The AIA Quality Program shall, at a mini- mum, include the following parts: (a) Organization. The Program shall document the organizational structure, functional responsibilities, lev- els of authority, and lines of responsibility for activities required for compliance with requirements of this Standard. (b) Program Description. The Program shall describe the scope ofthe activities for which the Program applies. The scope shall include all requirements of the QAI-1 Standard for which the Authorized Inspection Agency is accredited by the Society (or for which the applicant is seeking Society accreditation as an Accredited Authorized Inspection Agency). The Program shall doc- ument the policies and describe the process for the implementation of the requirements of the QAI-1 Standard.
(c) Document Control. The Program shall describe the process for the review and revision of the Program. All changes to the Program shall be controlled and the pro- cess for review and approval of changes shall be speci- fied. All changes to the Program require prior review and approval by the Society before implementation as required by 4-4(d). Further, the Program shall be con- trolled to ensure appropriate distribution to and use at the location(s) where the prescribed activity is performed. (d) Training. The Program shall describe the process for the indoctrination and training of personnel respon- sible for implementing the Program. (e) Records. The Program shall describe the process for records management. The description shall include measures to ensure that the records are controlled and maintained in a manner that prevents damage, deterio- ration, and loss. The AIA’s records necessary to verify compliance withthisQAI Standard,exceptforpersonnel qualificationrecords, shallbe maintainedfora minimum of 5 yr. The personnel qualification records, necessary to verify compliance with this QAI Standard, shall be maintained while the individual is providing AIA ser- vices and for a minimum of 5 yr after the individual ceases to provide AIA services.

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