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ASME QFO-1-2006 pdf download

1.1 Scope 1.1.1 This Standard specifies the requirements leading to certification as a fssil combustion operator of a high capacity fossil fuel fred plant as appropriate to the Clean Air Act as amended in 1 990, for a fossil fuel fired boiler with an input equal to or greater than I OE + 06 Btu/hr ( I 0,550 E + 06 J/hr). 1.1.2 This Standard provides a procedure for qualif­ cation, examination, and certifcation of the operator. Due to the diversity of size, operation, and process of the organizations and plants affected, this Standard does not identify which specifc position(s) or which individual(s) will be certifed. 1.2 Exclusions 1.2.1 This Standard does not cover plants (boilers) exclusively fring: (a) wood; (b) wood residue; ( c) industrial waste; (d) municipal waste; ( e) combustion turbine exhaust. 1.3 Purpose 1.3.1 This Standard provides requirements to be used in certifying an individual as a fossil combustion operator. These requirements recognize the knowledge, training, and experience in the physical operation of a plant needed to comply with the plant’s air quality operating permits and related environmental criteria. 1.3.2 This Standard does not cover the certification or validation of plant operating procedures, operating practices, facility performance, nor compliance with permit requirements. 1.4 Definitions boiler: a closed vessel in which water is heated, steam is generated, steam is superheated, or any combination thereof by direct application of heat. The term boiler shall include fred units for heating or vaporizing liquids other than water where these systems are complete within themselves. coal: solid hydrocarbons resulting from the decompo­ sition of vegetable material under the infuence of time, temperature, pressure, and micro-organisms, as defned by ASTM D 388. Continuous Monitoring Systems (CMS): the total equipment, required under the applicable emission moni­ toring sections of Title 40 U.S. Code of Federal Regula­ tions, used to sample and condition (if applicable), to analyze and to provide a permanent record of emission, or process parameter. This includes Continuous Emis­ sion Monitoring Systems, Continuous Opacity Monitor­ ing Systems, or Alterative Monitoring Systems ap­ proved per the requirements of 40 CFR Parts 60 and 75. criteria: the standard EPA has established for certain pollutants, which limits both the concentration and the number of violations per year. cyclone coal burer: a scroll, vortex, or radial burer fring crushed coal into a cyclone furace consisting of a horizontal water cooled cylinder attached to the side of the boiler furace. cyclone furace: a water-cooled horizontal cylinder into which fuel is fed and mixed with air; combustion is completed in a minimum of time with high temperatures 2450 ° F to 2550 ° F ( l 345 ° C to l 400 ° C) generated in the burer. Combustion is virtually completed in the cyclone. Cyclone burers are adaptable fr buring bark, oil, gas, and coal or a combination of these fuels.
facilit: see Fossil Fuel Fired Plant. fluidized bed: a process in which a bed of granular particles is maintained in mobile suspension by an upward flow of air or gas. Fossil Combustion Operator (FCO): the person certi­ fed under this Standard. See Section 2.0. fossil.uel: natural gas, petroleum, coal, or solid, liquid or gaseous fuel derived from such materials. fossil fuel fred plant: any facility containing one or more fossil fuel fired boilers with input rates per fred boiler equal to or greater than I OE + 06 Btu/hr ( I 0,550 E + 06 J/hr). fuel oil: any hydrocarbon oil defned by ASTM D 396. general industr: an enterprise(s) or organization(s) that produce(s) or supplies goods or services. Heat Recover Steam Generator (HRSG): a heat ex­ changer that uses a series of heat transfer sections (e.g., superheater, evaporator, and economizer) positioned in the exhaust gas fow of a combustion turbine or an STANDARD FOR THE QUALIFICATION AND CERTIFICATION OF OPERATORS OF HIGH CAPACITY FOSSIL FUEL FIRED PLANTS 2 interal combustion engine to recover heat and supply a rated steam fow at a required temperature and pressure. high capacit: aggregate heat input rate equal to or greater than I OE + 06 Btu/hr (I 0,550 E + 06 J/hr). industrial process: the manufacturing or treatment of products, goods, or services. natural gas: a naturally occurring mixture of hydrocar­ bons (methane or higher) maintaining a gaseous state at standard atmospheric temperature and pressure condi­ tions. plant: see Fossil Fuel Fired Plant. pulverized fuel: solid fuel reduced to a size such that more than 50% will pass through a 200 mesh sieve ( 74 µ ). stoker (mechanical stoker): a device consisting of a mechanically operated fuel feding mechanism and a grate, used fr the purpose of feeding solid fuel into a furace, distributing it over a grate, admitting air to the fuel for the purpose of combustion, and providing a means for removal or discharge of refuse.

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