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ASME QRO-1-2005 pdf download

ASME QRO-1-2005 pdf download.Standard for the Qualification and Certification of Resource Recovery Facility Operators.
SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Scope and Purpose 1.1.1 Scope. This Standard covers the certification of persons who perform, or direct, operations of facilities that combust municipal solid waste (MSW). 1.1.2 Exclusions. This Standard excludes persons at facilities exclusively processing the following: (a) a hazardous waste as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (b) pathological waste (c) sewage sludges (d) industrial waste from a manufacturing process, e.g., chemical waste, petroleum refinery bottoms, or sander dust (e) MSW but with no combustion as part of the process NOTE: This Standard does not cover the certification or validation of facility operating procedures, operating practices, performance, or compliance with permit requirements. 1.1.3 Purpose. This Standard provides the qualifica- tions and other requirements that must be demonstrated inthe certificationprocess bypersons whooperate facili- ties that combust MSW. 1.2 Definitions This section defines various terms used in this Standard. municipal solid waste (MSW): solid waste generated from households, residential, and commercial establishments. solid waste: unwanted or discarded materials, including solid, liquid, semi solid, or contained gaseous materials. solid waste combustion facility: any setting of equipment (with or without pre- or postcombustion materials recovery or heat recovery processes) designed, permit- ted, and operated so as to combust MSW under con- trolled conditions. 1.3 Forms of Certification The forms of certification listed below are applicable only to the respective positions described in paras. 2.1.1 through 2.1.3 of this Standard. 1 1.3.1 Provisional. This certification is granted to a qualified applicant who passes an examination. It is not facility specific but is a prerequisite to obtain Operator certification. Provisional certification expires after 5 years unless renewed in accordance with para. 4.5.1 of this Standard. 1.3.2 Operator. This certificationis granted to a quali- fied applicant after passing an oral examination that tests the applicant’s knowledge of the operations of the solid waste combustion facility that employs the appli- cantand requires the holder ofthe certification to remain current on changes to the facility that are material to its operation and safety. Operator certification may be issued to individuals who perform the duties of either Chief Facility Operator (CFO) as described in para. 2.1.1 or Shift Supervisor (SS) as described in para. 2.1.2. Operatorcertificationisgrantedfor5 yearsandisrenew- able in accordance with para. 4.5.2 of this Standard. 1.3.3 Combustion. This certification is granted to a qualified applicant who passes an examination that con- centrates on MSW characteristics and combustion pro- cesses. Combustion certification may be issued to individuals who perform the duties of Combustion System Operator (CSO) as described in para. 2.1.3. It is not facility specific nor a prerequisite, or substitute, for any other certification in this Standard. Combustion cer- tification expires after 5 years unless renewed in accor- dance with para. 4.5.3 of this Standard. NOTE: The Combustion System Operator certification is intended for facilities that combust municipal solid waste without heat recovery. SECTION 2 DUTIES AND QUALIFICATIONS 2.1 Duties This subsection outlines the essential duties and responsibilities of the positions of Chief Facility Operator, Shift Supervisor, and Combustion System Operator of a solid waste combustion facility for the purpose of identifying facility personnel to whom this Standard applies. Other operating positions in solid waste combustion facilities are not addressed by this Standard.
2.1.2 Shift Supervisor. The Shift Supervisor is in direct charge and control of the operation of a solid waste combustion facility during an assigned shift, including, but not limited to, the following: (a) supervising, training, and monitoring perform- ance of personnel during an assigned shift (b) maintainingrecords ofoperations, includingoper- ational changes and abnormalities, and reports submit- ted to the Chief Facility Operator (c) authorizingissuanceofworkorders forequipment repair and maintenance (d) ensuring that the facility is operated consistent with applicable federal, state, and local environmental requirements (e) monitoring operations in accordance with estab- lished policies and procedures (f) undertaking actions to correct upsets or emer- gencies (g) ensuring a safe workplace (h) communicating operational status with the reliev- ing shift at shift turnover 2.1.3 Combustion System Operator. The Combustion System Operator of a solid waste combustion facility is the principal person responsible for (a) controlling the MSW feed to the combustor (b) controlling the facility’s combustion process in order to maintain operations in accordance with the design, operating, and permit limitations applicable to the facility 2.2 Qualifications This subsection sets forth qualifications that must be met prior to receiving certification under this Standard. 2.2.1 Provisional Certification. The qualifications for Provisional certification are as follows: (a) high school diploma or equivalent (b) 3 years of experience in operations of a solid waste combustion facility or 5 years of experience in occupa- tions concerned with the design, start-up, operation, or 2 maintenance of engines, boilers, turbines, air compres- sors, motors, generators, conveying equipment, or their related auxiliaries which supply power, heating, or cool- ing service to an industrial, maritime, or commercial process or facility (c) an understanding of solid waste combustion facil- ity operations adequate to pass an examination that covers the body of knowledge listed in para. 3.1 NOTE: Completion of a baccalaureate degree in physical science or engineering, or 60 credits of course work in the subjects listed below from an institute accredited to issue degrees, may be substi- tuted for up to 2 of the 5 years of non solid waste combustion facility experience in para. 2.2.1(b). (a) advanced mathematics (b) chemistry (c) fluid dynamics (d) thermodynamics (e) materials science (f) combustion theory (g) environmental, mechanical, civil, chemical, or electrical engi- neering

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