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ASME RAM-1-2013 pdf download

ASME RAM-1-2013 pdf download.Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Equipment and Systems in Power Plants.
(a) requirements for the implementation of the program (b) basic plant description (c) lifespan of plant and life-extension method (d) functional requirements (e) availability requirements (f) reliability requirements (g) maintainability requirements (h) performance objectives and goals 6.2 Program Development (See Fig. 6.2-1) The program design formalizes a plan to achieve the objectives and goals as detailed in the BOD. The defined information within the RAM program becomes the fun- damental foundation for all plant operations and main- tenance efforts. Program development includes the elements detailed in paras. 6.2.1 through 6.2.6. 6.2.1 Program Statement. A high-level manage- ment statement shall define the requirements for the RAM program and provide the organization direction to implement the RAM program. 6.2.2 Program Goals. The program goals are used to establish measurement criteria to validate requirements. The criteria shall be set in the areas of (a) safety (b) reliability (c) availability (d) maintainability 6.2.3 Program Organization. An organizational structure shall be designed and established to accom- plish the goals of the RAM program. The organization shall provide accountability for achieving the objectives and goals. Functionally, these responsibilities include the following individuals: (a) Owner. The owner provides requirements to the engineer pertaining to preferences and constraints ofthe design, and provides oversight to the program during implementation. (b) Program Manager. The program manager acts as an agent of the owner and is responsible for the program implementation. (c) Engineer. The engineer develops documents (e.g., drawings and specifications) and provides input for incorporating the availability, reliability, and maintain- ability requirements established by the owner. (d) Operator. The operator represents the owner by providing input on preferences and constraints regard- ing operations and maintenance, and shall be a part of the program development process. 6.2.4 Program Design (a) The program shall consider and address the following: (1) government and agency requirements 2 (2) environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations (3) safety standards (4) agreements and contractual requirements (5) equipment and operational codes as specified by jurisdictional agencies or insurance providers (6) objectives as stated in the design basis (b) The program should consider and address the following: (1) identify physical plant systems, boundaries, equipment, and structures (2) determine criticality definitions (classification bins for risk) (3) establish criticality methodology (4) classify equipment criticality (5) assess risk to plant performance through failure analysis by (-a) failure modes, mechanisms, and causes (-b) failure probability (-c) failure consequence (6) identify methods that mitigate failure causes (7) review technology that, when implemented, will mitigate risk of failure for critical equipment (8) review monitoring and alarms required to determine plantperformance deteriorationor alertoper- ators of incipient failure so as to mitigate plant perform- ance risk identified above (9) review testing that may be used to determine the critical equipment status and suitability for contin- ued operation (10) review inspection practices or overhauls that are required to periodically assure that the plant will achieve the objectives and goals set forth (11) review maintenance practices that are required to mitigate plant performance risk as identified above (12) evaluate the cost effectiveness of the proposed options (13) evaluate methods for implementation (14) evaluate methods for program modification (15) fulfill goals as stated in the BOD 6.2.5 Program Manual. A program manual shall be developed to integrate guidance and operations require- ments to achieve the objectives and goals set forth in the BOD. The program manual is a controlled document that addresses operations, maintenance, and costs, and shall include the following: (a) Program Statement, consisting of scope, defini- tions, and objectives and goals (b) Program Organization and Responsibilities (c) plant BOD, consisting of functional and perform- ance requirements, system descriptions, and exclusions and limitations (d) criticality methodology to determine criticality definitions (categories) and establish criticality (risk- assessment) methodology

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