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ASME SECTION I-2008 pdf download

Code Cases may be used in the construction of compo- nents to be stamped with the ASME Code symbol begin- ning with the date of their approval by ASME. After Code revisions are approved by ASME, they may be used beginning with the date of issuance shown on the Addenda. Revisions, except for revisions to material specifications in Section II, Parts A and B, become manda- tory six months after such date of issuance, except for boilers or pressure vessels contracted for prior to the end of the six-month period. Revisions to material specifica- tions are originated by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and other recognized national or international organizations, and are usually adopted by ASME. However, those revisions may or may not have any effect on the suitability ofmaterial, produced to earlier editions of specifications, for use in ASME construction. ASME material specifications approved for use in each construction Code are listed in the Guidelines for Accept- able ASTM Editions in Section II, Parts A and B. These Guidelines list, for each specification, the latest edition adoptedby ASME, andearlierandlatereditions considered by ASME to be identical for ASME construction. The Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee in the formu- lation of its rules and in the establishment of maximum design and operating pressures considers materials, con- struction, methods of fabrication, inspection, and safety devices.
The specifications for materials given in Section II are identical with orsimilarto those ofspecifications published by ASTM, AWS, and other recognized national or interna- tional organizations. When reference is made in an ASME material specification to a non-ASME specification for which a companion ASME specification exists, the refer- ence shall be interpreted as applying to the ASME material specification. Not all materials included in the material specifications in Section II have been adopted for Code use. Usage is limited to those materials and grades adopted by atleastone ofthe otherSections ofthe Code forapplica- tion under rules of that Section. All materials allowed by these various Sections and used for construction within the scope of their rules shall be furnished in accordance with material specifications containedinSection II orreferenced in the Guidelines forAcceptable ASTM Editions in Section II, Parts A and B, exceptwhere otherwise provided in Code Cases or in the applicable Section of the Code. Materials covered by these specifications are acceptable for use in items covered by the Code Sections only to the degree indicated in the applicable Section. Materials for Code use should preferably be ordered, produced, and documented on this basis; Guideline for Acceptable ASTM Editions in Section II, Part A and Guideline for Acceptable ASTM Editions in Section II, Part B list editions of ASME and year dates of specifications that meet ASME requirements and which may be used in Code construction.
ASME has established procedures to authorize qualified organizations to perform various activities in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. Itis the aimofthe Society to provide recogni- tion of organizations so authorized. An organization hold- ing authorization to perform various activities in accordance with the requirements of the Code may state this capability in its advertising literature. Organizations that are authorized to use Code Symbols for marking items or constructions that have been con- structedandinspectedincompliancewiththeASMEBoiler and Pressure Vessel Code are issued Certificates ofAutho- rization. Itis the aim ofthe Society to maintain the standing of the Code Symbols for the benefit of the users, the enforcement jurisdictions, and the holders of the symbols who comply with all requirements.

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