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ASME Y14.1M-2005 pdf download

ASME Y14.1M-2005 pdf download.Metric Drawing Sheet Size and Format.
design activity: an organization that has, or has had, responsibility for the design of an item. current design activity: the design activity currently responsible for the design of an item. This may be the original design activity or a design activity to which the design responsibility has been transferred. original design activity: the design activity originally responsible for the design and identification of an item whose drawing number and activity identification is shown in the title block of the drawings and associated documents. design activity identification: the application of a unique identifier that distinguishes an activity or organization fromanother activityor organization. Examples ofactiv- ity identification include activity name, activity address, or CAGE Code. digital data: data stored on a computer system that employs a display on which the user and the computer interact to create or alter entities for the production of layouts, drawings, numerical control tapes, or other engineering data. document: a term applicable to the specifications, draw- ings, lists, standards, pamphlets, reports, and printed, typewritten, or otherwise created information relating to the design, procurement, manufacture, testing, or acceptance inspection of items or services. drawing: an engineering document or digital data file(s) that discloses (directly or by reference), by means of graphic or textual presentations, or by combinations of both, the physical or functional requirements of an item. drawing format: the arrangement and organization of information within a drawing. This includes such fea- tures as the size and arrangement of blocks, notes, lists, and revision information and use of optional or supple- mental blocks. engineering data: engineering documents such as draw- ings, associated lists, accompanying documents, specifi- cations, standards, or other information prepared or used by a design activity and relating to the design, manufacture, procurement, testing, or inspection of items. item: a nonspecific term used to denote any unit or prod- uct including materials, parts, assemblies, equipment, accessories, and computer software. original: the current design activity’s drawing on which the official revision record is kept. part: one item, or two or more items joined together, that is not normally subject to disassembly without destruction or impairment of designed use (e.g., transis- tor, composition resistor, screw, transformer, and gear). procuring activity: the customer. 2 referenced documents: design activity standards, draw- ings, specifications, or other documents referenced on drawings or lists. standard: a document that establishes technical criteria, methods, processes, and practices. companystandard: a documentproduced by a company that establishes engineering and technical limitations and applications for items, materials, processes, meth- ods, designs, and engineering practices unique to that particular company. standardization document: a document developed for the purpose of standardizing items, materials, processes, or procedures. 2 DRAWING SHEET SIZES Drawing sheet size designations are listed in Tables 1 and 2. The sizes shown are the overall size of the sheets excluding protective or binding margins. See para. 2.1. Rounded corners may be used on all drawing sizes. 2.1 Margins 2.1.1 Format Margins. The format margin sizes shown in applicable figures are the minimum required. 2.1.2 Protective Margins. For elongated drawing sizes, additional lengths of vertical and horizontal mar- gins are permissible. See Fig. 2. 2.1.3 BindingMargins. The margins of basic drawing sizes (format margins) may be increased when the docu- ment is to be bound in a book form. Both margins may be increased when the document is to be printed back to back. However, except for the binding margins, all other format, content, and actual sheetsize requirements are to conform to this Standard. 2.2 Lengths of Elongated Drawing Sizes Elongated sheet sizes are formed by combination of the dimensions of the short side of an A-size (e.g., A1). The result is a new size, e.g., A3.1. This sheet size is 297 ? 841. The structure of the size system is shown in Fig. 3. Elongated A4 sizes do not exist because they are equivalent to A3 size. 2.2.1 Microfilm Compatibility. The minimum and maximum lengths shown for elongated drawing sizes are compatible with microfilm frame size requirements. See Fig. 2. 2.3 Computer-Generated Drawings When copies of computer-generated drawings are produced, sheet sizes may be increased to compensate for outputdevice requirements, providing the copies can be trimmed to the sheet sizes specified in this Standard. However, the drawing format and content shall conform to the requirements of this Standard.

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