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ASME Y14.35-2014 pdf download

ASME Y14.35-2014 pdf download.Revision of Engineering Drawings and Associated Documents.
3 DEFINITIONS 3.1 Approval approval: an endorsement applied manually or electronically attesting to the correctness of a document or a revision made on a document. 3.1.1 Approval Indicator approval indicator: any symbol adopted by the design activity to indicate approval (ASME Y14.100). 3.2 Associated Documents associated documents: general reference to documentation supportive of and directly related to drawing content, such as application lists, data lists, index lists, parts lists, and wiring lists. 3.3 Canceled Drawing canceled drawing: a drawing that has been removed from the drawing system and the part or assembly shown on the drawing is removed from all next assembly usage. Drawings that have been superseded or become obsolete are also considered to be canceled drawings. 3.4 Change change: alterations made to a drawing or associated document as part of a Revision Authorization Document. 3.5 Data Set (See 3.19 Product Definition Data Set) 3.6 Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code commercial and government entity (CAGE) code: a five-character code that provides a unique activity identifier used by the Government for activity identification. This method of activity identification has also been widely adopted by industry. CAGE Codes are listed in Cataloging Handbook H4/H8 (ASME Y14.100). 3.7 Data Processing System data processing system: system used to collect, process, and reproduce data in a selected format through the use of electronic or other automated equipment. 3.8 Design Activity design activity: an organization that has, or has had, responsibility for the design of an item (ASME Y14.100). 3.8.1 Design Activity — Current design activity — current: the design activity currently responsible for the design of an item. This may be the original design activity or a design activity to which the design responsibility has been transferred (ASME Y14.100). 3.8.2 Design Activity — Original design activity — original: the design activity originally responsible for the design and identification of an item whose drawing number and activity identification and address (city and state), or CAGE Code is shown in the title block of the drawings and associated documents (ASME Y14.100). 3.9 Design Activity Identification (DAI) design activity identification (DAI): the application of a unique identifier that distinguishes an activity or organization from another activity or organization. Examples of activity identification include activity name, activity name and address, or CAGE Code (ASME Y14.100).
3.10 Digital Data digital data: data stored on a computer system that employs a display on which the user and the computer interact to create or alter entities for production of layouts, drawings, numerical control tapes, or other engineering data (ASME Y14.100). 3.11 Document document: a term applicable to the specification, drawing, list, standard, pamphlet, report, and printed, typewritten, or otherwise created information relating to the design procurement, manufacture, testing, or acceptance inspection of items or services (ASME Y14.100). 3.12 Drawing drawing: an engineering document or data set that discloses directly or by reference, by means of graphic or textual presentations, or combinations of both, the physical or functional requirements of an item (ASME Y14.100). 3.13 Field of Drawing field of drawing: the area of the drawing that contains the product definition of an item (ASME Y14.100). 3.14 Fit fit: the ability of an item to physically interface or interconnect with or become an integral part of another item. 3.15 Form form: the shape, size, dimensions, mass, weight, and other physical parameters that uniquely characterize an item. For software, form denotes the language and media. 3.16 Function function: the action or actions that an item is designed to perform. 3.17 Obsolete obsolete: released information that has been superseded by another revision. 3.18 Original original: the current design activity’s reproducible drawing or data set(s) on which is kept the revision record recognized as official (ASME Y14.100). 3.19 Product Definition Data Set product definition data set: a collection of one or more data file(s) that discloses, directly or by reference, by means of graphic or textual presentations, or combinations of both, the physical or functional requirements of an item (ASME Y14.41). 3.20 Revision revision: changes made to an original drawing or associated document after authorized release that require the revision level to be advanced. 3.21 Revision Authorization Document (RAD) revision authorization document (RAD): a document recognized as the authority for making a change to a drawing or associated documentation. Revisionauthorization documents are frequently identified by terms, such as alteration notice (AN), advance drawing change notice (ADCN), change in design (CID), drawing change notice (DCN), engineering change notice (ECN), engineering change order (ECO), engineering notice (EN), engineering order (EO), or notice of revision (NOR).

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