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ASME Y14.46-2017 pdf free download

ASME Y14.46-2017 pdf free download.Product Definitio n for Additive Manufacturing .
1.2.5 Notes. Notes depicted in this Standard in ALL UPPERCASE letters are intended to reflect actual product definition data. Notes depicted in initial uppercase or in lowercase letters are to be considered supporting data to the contents of this Standard and are not intended for literal entry into product definition data. A statement requiring the addition of a note with the qualifier “such as” is a requirement to add a note, and the content of the note is allowed to vary to suit the application. 1.2.6 Acronyms and Abbreviations. Acronyms and abbreviations are spelled out the first time they are used in this Standard, followed by the acronym or abbreviation in parentheses. The acronym is used thereafter throughout the text. 1.2.7 Units. The International System of Units (SI) is featured in this Standard. It should be understood that U.S. Customary units could equally have been used without prejudice to the principles established. 1.2.8 Figures. The figures in this Standard are intended only as illustrations to aid the user in understanding the practices described in the text. In some cases, figures show a level of detail as needed for emphasis. In other cases, figures are incomplete by intent so as to illustrate a concept or facet thereof. The absence of figure(s) has no bearing on the applicability of the stated requirements or practice. To comply with the requirements of this Standard, actual data sets shall meet the content requirements set forth in the text. To assist the user of this Standard, a list of the paragraph(s) that refer to an illustration appears in the lower right-hand corner of each figure. This list may not be inclusive. The absence of a list is not a reason to assume inapplicability. Some figures are illustrations of models in a three-dimensional (3D) en- vironment. The absence of dimensioning and tolerancing annotations in a view may indicate that the product definition is defined in three dimensions. Dimensions that locate or orient and are not shown are considered basic and shall be queried to determine the intended requirement. When the letter “h” is used in figures for letter heights or for symbol proportions, select the applicable letter height in accordance with ASME Y14.2. Multiview drawings contained within figures are third angle projection. 1.2.9 Precedence of Standards. The following are ASME Y14 standards that are basic engineering drawing standards: ASME Y14.1, Decimal Inch Drawing Sheet Size and Format ASME Y14.1M, Metric Drawing Sheet Size and Format ASME Y14.2, Line Conventions and Lettering ASME Y14.3, Orthographic and Pictorial Views ASME Y14.5, Dimensioning and Tolerancing ASME Y14.24, Types and Applications of Engineering Drawings ASME Y14.34, Associated Lists ASME Y14.35M, Revision of Engineering Drawings and Associated Documents ASME Y14.36M, Surface Texture Symbols ASME Y14.38, Abbreviations and Acronyms for Use on Drawings and Related Documents ASME Y14.41, Digital Product Definition Data Practices ASME Y14.100, Engineering Drawing Practices All other ASME Y14 standards are considered specialty types of standards and contain additional requirements or make exceptions to the basic standards as required to support a process or type of drawing. 1.3 Dimensioning and Tolerancing The methods of dimensioning and tolerancing shall be in accordance with ASME Y14.5, ASME Y14.41, and this Standard. 1.4 Examples Where examples are provided, such lists are not exhaustive and other examples could be equally applicable. 1.5 References The following editions of national and international standards and practices form a part of this Standard to the extent specified herein. A more recent revision may be used, provided there is no conflict with the text of this Standard. In the event of a conflict between the text of this Standard and the references cited herein, the text of this Standard shall take precedence. ASME B46.1-2009, Surface Texture (Surface Roughness, Waviness, and Lay)

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